Tourism in the Republic of Chuvashia 

What to see or visit when you are in Chuvashia

    Beer Museum
    Cheboksary Bay
    Church of Our Lady of Kazan at Mariinsky Posad
    Chuvash National Museum
    Fire Department Museum
    Ibresinsky ethnographic museum
    Monument to Empress Maria Alexandrovna
    Monument to the Patron Mother “Anna-Pireshti”
    Museum of National Artistic Embroidery in Kugeshi
    National unique park of the Chuvash Republic “Chavash Varmane”
    Park of the 500th Anniversary of Cheboksary
    Prisursky natural reserve
    Resurrection Church in Cheboksary
    Russian Drama Theater in Cheboksary
    Sovereign Hill of Mariinsky Posad
    Stone Taganait
    Temple of John the Evangelist in the  Karamyshevo village
    The Baideryakovo spring
    The oldest oak of Chuvashia
    The Republic Square
    Trinity Cathedral of Mariinsky Posad
    Victory Memorial Park
    Vvedensky Cathedral in Cheboksary