Lala (Tulip) Mosque   

Lala (Tulip) Mosque is located in the northern part of Ufa. This mosque is the Islamic religious centre of Ufa. The building of mosque was built on the banks of the Belaya River. High snow-white minarets 52 m high, with scarlet tulip buds at the top, are visible from different parts of Ufa. The architectural design of the building is based on one of the symbols of the Muslim world – a tulip bud, which marks the arrival of spring. The mosque was built at the end of the last century. Construction went on for almost 10 years. There are madrasahs and all the necessary infrastructure for the educational centre. A green park area surrounds the complex. The interior decoration is also worthy of admiration, decorated with coloured stained-glass windows, floral ornaments, marble cladding, and crystal chandeliers. The floors in the prayer hall are carpeted. The prayer hall can accommodate 500 persons. A balcony for women was erected, designed for 200 persons. From this mosque, the Grand Mufti of the country reads sermons on the days of major religious holidays. Coordinates: 54.819722, 56.055833