Atysh waterfall

Atysh waterfall is a unique waterfall. It created by water streams which flow out of the cave grotto on Mount Yaz-Kuz-Tash, and falls into the lake below from a sheer cliff 5 meters high. The name of the waterfall is translated from Bashkir as “shot”. This can be seen during the flood period, when you can hear a powerful water stream, “shooting” from the rock. The waterfall is formed from a stream flowing out of a cave and falling off a cliff into a beautiful lake. The stream is formed by the underground rivers Atysh and Agui, so the water in it is cold, even in summer, it does not exceed +4°C.
In winter, the waterfall freezes. The streams of water frozen in ice present a breathtakingly beautiful picture. This type of waterfall is the only one in the Urals and one of the few in the whole of Russia.

Coordinates: 54.124711, 57.699644