Tourism in the Orenburg region 

What to see or visit when you are in the Orenburg region

Art museum in Orenburg
Buzuluksky Bor National park
Camel mountain
Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Orenburg
Catherine’s Church in Tugustemir
Church of the Archangel Michael
Church of the Transfiguration in Orsk
Cultural Complex “National Village”
Elizabethan Gate
Family recreation park “Topolya”
Gift cave
Historical and architectural complex Orenburg Caravanserai
Holy Trinity Convent of Mercy at the Saraktash village
Husainiya Mosque
Kamsak gorge
Kyzyladyr karst field
Museum of Orenburg Town History
Museum-reserve of S. T. Aksakov
Orenburg fortress
Orenburg Governor’s Museum
Orenburg Nature Reserve
Pedestrian bridge in Orenburg
Red Mountain complex
Sakmara river
Shaitan-Tau Natural reserve
Sol-Iletsk city at Razval lake
Sorochinsk water reservoir
Tower with Chimes
Toy railway