Saydashev State Grand Concert Hall

Location: Kazan, Svobody Ploshchad, 3, Saydashev State Grand Concert Hall

“The State Grand Concert Hall was founded in 1996. In 2000, the hall was named after the composer, the founder of Tatar professional music, Salih Saydashev.

Previously, on the site of the State Concert Hall, there was the Assembly Hall of the Kazan State Conservatory, built in 1967 according to the project of the architect M.Kh. Agishev. In 1994, a decision was made to reconstruct the building. The authors of the new project are designer V.A. Abramov, architects V.P. Loginov, and E.I. Prokofiev.

In 1996, the hall received a magnificent interior, modern technical equipment and improved acoustic parameters, calculated by the British company “Acoustic Dimensions”. In 2000, the reconstruction authors were awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation.

As conceived by the architects, the new building of the concert hall has become an example of the mutual influence of the artistic traditions of East and West.

A large organ became the basis of the composition of the interior of the auditorium. It was installed in 1997 and, according to foreign guests, is one of the best instruments in Europe. The world-famous Flentrop company made the organ from Zaandam (Netherlands).

The authors of the project managed to realize the idea of modulated acoustics, which means that the hall can be configured as an instrument for any kind of music-making. In a word, the GBKZ is an example of an organic design composition that considers national cultural traditions, the standards of modern European aesthetics, and the practical tasks of a concert complex.

The concert complex consists of a large concert hall with 700 seats with 4 boxes, a chamber hall for 70 seats, a rehearsal room, a choral, orchestral, and individual artistic ones.

Over the years of its existence, the GBKZ has repeatedly become the centre of social and political life in Tatarstan: inaugurations of the presidents of the Republic of Tatarstan, public forums, meetings of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan and other solemn ceremonies have been held here.

GBKZ them. S. Saydasheva is not only the main concert stage of the capital of Tatarstan but also one of the leading centres of the musical life of Kazan”.

Based on information from The Concert hall’s website