Concert Hall of Tukay Tatar State Philarmony

Location: Kazan, Pavlyukhina Str. 73, Concert Hall of Tukay Tatar State Philarmony

“The Tatar State Philharmonic named after Gabdulla Tukay is one of the largest concert organizations in the Republic of Tatarstan and the city of Kazan, founded on August 21, 1937. The creation of the Philharmonic marked a new era in the development of national musical culture. From that moment, the process of purposeful improvement of the performing culture of Tatar singers and musicians began. The year 1937 is the date of the birth of the G. Tukay Philharmonic and the signing of the order by L. Galeev on the creation of a symphony orchestra, the main conductor of which was M. Schepper. In the period of its formation, the Philharmonic Society launched a systematic musical and propaganda activity. The structure of concert life, the attraction of listeners and spectators – everything worked out then with difficulty. The most important role was played here by Kazan musicians, figures of musical art, and Russian and first Tatar composers.

The concert Hall during the Patriotic War

During the Great Patriotic War, many Philharmonic artists were drafted into the army. The rest of the cast gave 1,700 sponsored concerts in hospitals and military units throughout the republic, 60 artists in 17 front-line brigades performed with concert programs on different fronts. During this period, the Department of Opera and Chamber Music was formed – the oldest musical group of the Tatar State Philharmonic named after G. Tukay. His artists, as part of front-line brigades, performed in front of soldiers and home front workers. In the post-war years, the Philharmonic launched a wide touring activity.

In 1946, for a great contribution to the development of national musical culture and in connection with the 60th anniversary of the birth of Gabdulla Tukay, the Tatar State Philharmonic Society was named after the great poet. In the mid-50s of the last century, a pop-jazz orchestra was created under the direction of Oleg Lundstrem. In 1955, he gives several dozen concerts in Kazan. By the decision of the Ministry of Culture of the RSFSR, the orchestra was transferred to Moscow a few years later.

The Concert Hall in our days

Since the end of the 1970s, the number of various competitions, festivals and other concert events in which the Philharmonic has played and is playing a leading role, thanks to the symphony orchestra, vocal soloists, and various ensembles, has sharply increased. So, in 1985, the 7th All-Russian Violin Competition, held in Kazan, aroused great interest in the musical community. A group of talented musicians entered the orbit of the violin performing art, among them four Kazan violinists: R. Abyazov, Yu. Vivat, A. Rakhimova and L. Khodzhaeva, demonstrated high professionalism.

Today, the Tatar State Philharmonic named after G. Tukay unites several highly professional groups that promote both the academic genres of world musical classics and classical examples of multinational musical folklore”.

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