Theatres and concert halls

The theatre season will start soon! So, it’s time to check which theatres and concerts you can visit. In Tatarstan, there are many opportunities to enjoy a variety of theatrical and musical trends. Often in theatres, there is an opportunity to watch a performance in three languages: Russian, Tatar and English.

A theatre is a collaborative form of performing art that has long and deep traditions in Tatarstan. The first performance in Kazan was given in 1728 by a group of students. The permanent theatre was founded in 1791.

The first state Tatar theatre was founded in 1920, and the first theatre school opened in 1922. The theatre’s repertoire was based on works of G. Kamal, Sh. Kamal, M. Faizi, and K. Tinchurin. Performances based on plays by Tazi Gizzat, Sharif Kamal, Hadi Taktash. Over the past period since those years, new names of talented actors, directors, and playwrights have appeared on the Tatarstan theatre stage. Nowadays there are 12 theatres in the Republic of Tatarstan. Professional personnel for theatres are trained by the Kazan Theatre School, Kazan Ballet School, and the Kazan State Academy of Culture and Arts, and some young actors come from other regions of Russia and even from abroad.

The high level of theatre and performing arts in Tatarstan is recognised on both all-Russian and international levels.