Volga-Kama nature reserve (Raifa sector)

Location: 25 km from Kazan, in Zelenodolsky district

The reserve was founded in 1960. This unique area combines southern taiga and broadleaf forests. There are more than 600 types of plants. The most of pines are more than 250 years old. The arboretum garden, which was created there in 1921 by students of Kazan University, consists of more than 400 types of trees and shrubs from America, Asia, and Europe. Among the representatives of the animal kingdom, there are fifty types of mammals, more than 250 types of birds, as well as reptiles and amphibians. The animals that were founded here are elk, wood grouse, black grouse, red field vole, woodpecker, cuckoo, forest dormouse, etc.

For more information visit: https://vkgz.ru/en