Petrovskie Pines

Location: the Petrovka village, Bugulminsky district

This is a place of true preserved natural beauty, which is an object of aesthetic and scientific importance. Petrovskie Pines are part of a well-preserved strip of pine forests on the hillside. A rare case of growth of coniferous forests in the extreme south-east of the republic in the immediate vicinity of the steppe zone. Petrovskie Pines as a protected natural park consists of three forest areas with free-standing picturesque pine trees over a hundred years old on 53 hectares.

Rare species of steppe plants, listed in the Republican Red Book, grow on the southern slopes.

The protected sector includes an old park with 19th century buildings with a pond. There are many springs along its banks.

I strongly advise you to visit this place to take a break from the hustle and enjoy nature.