Martian landscapes in Kukmor

Location: Martian landscapes or Red mountains at the Bolshoy Kukmor town, Kukmorsky district

👽Have you been to Mars? If not, then you have a chance – visit the “red rocks” in Kukmor. This small natural area with sandy cliffs of a red-brown hue stretches for 50 m. Weathering has formed bizarre outlines, and copper has given the rocks a “Martian” color.

These rocks are small but impressive! They are impeccably polished in places, smooth and very attractive. Sometimes it is not clear where the human hand touched, and where the natural elements tried. Each visit you can see the rocks in a different color – depending on the weather and light, they have a color from sandy to bright red. The red relief canyon is located right in the middle of the field. Here you can take a lot of spectacular pictures.

This attraction is located near the town of Bolshoi Kukmor. It can be reached on foot or by car.