Labyshkinskye mountains

Location: to the north of the village of Labyshka, Kamsko-Ustyinsky district, the Labyshkinskye mountains (Лабышкинские горы)

The Labyshkinskye mountains have a breathtaking and scenic location at to the north from the Labyshka village. Its captivating surroundings are situated on the banks of the Kuibyshev reservoir, which is a part of the Volga river. This enchanting location is approximately 48 kilometers northwest of the Kamskoe Ustye town, and about 37 kilometers southwest of Kazan. If you’re planning to visit this location, the local road “Kamskoye Ustye-Tenki-Oktyabrsky” runs about 800 meters away to the northwest. The road makes it extremely easy and convenient to explore the Labyshkinskye mountains and its picturesque landscape. Get ready to be mesmerized by the beauty of Mother Nature.

How to get there

Are you planning on visiting the Labyshkinskye mountains and the nearby village soon? If yes, it’s good to know that a bus route connects the park and the village to Kazan. Along the way, you will notice the stunning hills on the left side of the dirt clay road, providing a beautiful serene view that can’t be missed. Once you reach the Volga river, it’s recommended to park your car on the shore but be careful not to move onto the sandy part. From there, you can embark on a short walk along the coast, which includes crossing some water obstacles and climbing uphill for a while. This will allow you to embrace the beautiful nature in the area and fully enjoy your time.