Botanical nature reserve “Tarkhanovskie Dubravy”

Location: Tetyushsky district, 0.5 kilometers from the village of Bessonovo and 1 kilometer from the village of Verkhnie Tarkhany, Botanical nature reserve “Tarkhanovskie Dubravy”

Tarkhanovskie Dubravy reserve was founded in 1972. It covers an area of 1105 hectares and managed by the Tetyushsky Forestry as part of the Tarhanovsky Forestry Department. The reserve stands as a testament to the commitment to environmental conservation and biodiversity preservation. Spanning an expansive area of 1105 hectares, this reserve is under the meticulous management of the Tetyushsky Forestry, functioning as an integral component of the Tarhanovsky Forestry Department. 

The Forestry

The creation of this reserve reflects a dedication to the protection of natural habitats and the rich ecosystems within its boundaries. As part of the larger Tarhanovsky Forestry Department, the Tarkhanovskie Dubravy reserve plays a crucial role in safeguarding the diverse flora and fauna that inhabit this pristine landscape.

Under the stewardship of the Tetyushsky Forestry, the reserve becomes a haven for various species, offering a sanctuary where unique and vulnerable plants and animals can thrive undisturbed. The responsible management of this reserve contributes not only to the local ecosystem’s health but also to the broader goal of global biodiversity conservation.

Through its establishment and continued care, the Tarkhanovskie Dubravy reserve embodies a commitment to environmental sustainability and serves as a living testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and responsible human intervention.

Natural diversity of the reserve

The reserve represents a unique forest complex, including the picturesque landscapes of the Privolzhsky upland groves. Within its boundaries, rare species of plants and animals can be discovered, rendering it a valuable asset for biodiversity conservation. Transforming into a crucial natural reserve, the Tetyushsky forest provides a sanctuary for various flora and fauna, including those deemed unique and vulnerable.

Given its diversity and uniqueness, Tarkhanovskie Dubravy reserve assumes significance not only as a vital component of the region’s ecosystem but also as an appealing destination for nature enthusiasts and researchers. It offers an opportunity to study rare plant and animal species in their natural habitat, making it an attractive and educational experience for those exploring the natural world.