Regional Museum of Zakamye and Nurlat

Location: Nurlat, Shkolnaya str., 3, Regional Museum of Zakamye and Nurlat

The Museum was opened in June 2002 as the Historical and Local Lore Museum of the Nurlat district. The museum swiftly evolved into the Regional Museum of the History of Zakamye and the city of Nurlat by December 2003. Nestled within the City Palace of Culture, the museum now commands the second and part of the third floor, beckoning visitors to explore its diverse exhibits.

A Space of Cultural Riches: Museum Dimensions

Spanning an expansive 1232 square meters, the Regional Museum is a treasure trove of history and culture. Its extensive collection houses over ten thousand artifacts, offering a captivating glimpse into the vibrant cultural and historical diversity of Zakamye and Nurlat.

Regional Museum of Zakamye and Nurlat: Various Expositions

  1. “History of Nurlat and Nurlat District”: Embark on a historical journey through the heart of Nurlat, tracing the evolution of the city and its district.

  2. “Creators. The Price of Bread”: Delve into the economic history with the “Creators” hall, exploring the significance of agriculture and the value of bread.

  3. “Nature”: Immerse yourself in the wonders of Zakamye’s natural beauty, celebrating the region’s diverse landscapes.

  4. “Archaeology and Ethnography”: Unearth the secrets of the past in the “Archaeology and Ethnography” hall, showcasing artifacts that tell the tales of ancient civilizations.

  5. “We’re All a Bit Horselike”: Experience a whimsical perspective on culture with the “All We Are a Bit Horselike” hall, celebrating the unique connection to horses.

  6. “Remember Your Time, Komsomol!”: Reflect on the revolutionary era with the “Remember Your Time, Komsomol!” hall, paying tribute to the Soviet youth organisation.

Engaging Experiences: Museum Activities

For visitors, the museum organises a variety of activities, including guided tours, lectures, museum lessons, workshops, mass events, and exhibitions. Explore the rich history and vibrant culture of Zakamye and Nurlat at the Regional Museum. Plan your visit and embark on a journey through time and heritage.