Old-Kazan (Iske-Kazansky) historical-cultural museum and natural reserve

Location: Vysokogorsky district, the Kamaevo village surroundings,

This place is closely linked to events in the history of the Bulgar-Tatar people. According to historical sources and a popular legend, Old-Kazan was founded not far from a large settlement that arose in pre-Mongol times by sons of the Bulgar Khan Abdulla, Alin-Bek, and Altyn-Bek.

Old-Kazan nowadays is represented by two principal archaeological monuments: the Kamaevo settlement with an area of more than 6 hectares and the Russko-Urmatskoe settlement of 124 hectares located between the villages of Kamaevo and Russky Urmat. The Kamaevo site contains the remains of the political centre, the Kremlin of old Kazan, the site at Russky Urmat, the remains of the craft and trading quarter of the town.

During archaeological digs here various ornaments have been found, ceramics and weapons, coins, and many others. It is known that in the period preceding the formation of the Kazan Khanate there was a centre for minting gold coinage here.