Museum of Gabdulla Kariev

Location: Nurlatsky district, the Kul’baevo-Marasa village, Museum of Gabdulla Kariev

Discover the life and contributions of Gabdulla Kariev, the renowned artist, playwright, and founder of the Tatar professional theater, at the Gabdulla Kariev Museum. Located in his home – the Kul’baevo-Marasa village, this cultural treasure trove opened its doors in April 1988, offering a captivating journey through the rich history of Tatar theatrical arts.

Museum Structure and Overview

Situated in a charming one-story brick building adorned with a bust of Gabdulla Kariev, the museum boasts five distinctive spaces, including four exhibition halls and one dedicated to showcasing special displays.

Gabdulla Kariev Hall: A Glimpse into Artistic Brilliance

Step into the realm of Gabdulla Kariev’s life and artistic brilliance. This hall serves as a memorial, housing personal belongings, documents, books, and posters intricately connected to the artist’s life, starting from his arrival in Kazan in 1915.

Village and Collective Farm History Hall: Unveiling Centuries of Heritage

Explore the roots of the village and collective farm in the 16th century through a captivating exhibition. Learn about the medrese-school that produced eminent Tatar writers. Delve into the collection of 18th to 19th-century books, materials on famed match factories owned by merchants Shabanov and the Saifullin brothers, and the intriguing history of the “Alga” collective farm. The ethnographic collection showcases Tatar clothing and daily life artifacts, including handwoven towels, leather boots, and more from the early the 20th century.

Hall of Memory: Tracing Local Stories through Turbulent Times

Reflect on the poignant stories of fellow villagers who navigated the challenges of camps and wars in the 2oth century. The hall includes documents related to the Suslonger camp, providing a glimpse into the trials faced by the community.

Hall of Fame: Celebrating Tatar Cultural Icons

The museum’s grand finale is the Hall of Fame, dedicated to the celebrated individuals of the village. Recognise the luminaries who shaped Tatar culture and made significant contributions to science. This hall pays tribute to the iconic figures woven into the cultural fabric of the region.

The Gabdulla Kariev Museum stands not just as a repository of artifacts but as a dynamic testament to Tatar cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in this captivating journey through art, history, and the remarkable lives that have shaped the cultural landscape of the region. Visit the museum to unravel the layers of Tatar theatrical legacy and local history.