Museum of A.M. Gorky in Krasnovidovo

Location: Gorky Str., 17, Krasnovidovo, Kamsko-Ustyinsky district, Museum of A.M. Gorky

The museum was opened in 1979. The exposition area is 144 sq.m There are 850 items in the funds, including materials related to the writer’s stay in the region, the interiors of a trading shop, a living room, a peasant hut are recreated. A special place in the history of the village of Krasnovidovo is the staying the young Alyosha Peshkov in the village, later the world-famous writer M. Gorky. He came here in the spring of 1888 at the invitation of his friend M.A. Romas, who had a grocery store in the village, and was engaged in revolutionary agitation among the peasants. 

Here the future writer lived for several months. But even this short stay in Krasnovidovo left indelible impressions in the memory of an inquisitive, observant young man. Later, M. Gorky will describe the Krasnovidov period in the story “My Universities”.

A small brick house where M.A. Romas since October 1979 became the Literary and Memorial Museum of A.M. Gorky in the village of Krasnovidovo, the first rural museum of A.M. Gorky in Russia.

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