Local Lore museum of Kamsko-Ustyinsky district

Location: K. Marks Str., 105, Kamskoye Ustye, Kamsko-Ustyinsky district, Local Lore museum of Kamsko-Ustyinsky district

The museum was founded on November 21, 1987, by Maria Dragunova. She headed the museum for 20 years.

The first exhibits of the museum were paintings by a resident of the village of Tenishevo, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, and a retired doctor Alexander Vasiliev. They occupy a central place in the exhibition hall of the museum. Then the funds were replenished with exhibits of applied art.

The historical, archaeological, and ethnographic halls of the museum represent the richest ethnographic collection – household items, tools, ancient products made of clay, wood, iron, clothing, a rich collection in the Numismatics section, jewellery, an active loom, and much more.

The military hall covers such topics as “The Civil War and the first years of Soviet power in the region”, and “Inhabitants of the region on the fronts and in the rear during the Great Patriotic War”. The hall is represented by numerous documents, and photographs of participants in the Great Patriotic War. Military orders, medals of veterans of the Great Patriotic War, soldier’s helmets, caps, flasks, bowlers, and clothes are stored in special closed showcases.

In the modern hall, the district is shown in the post-war and modern stages of development. Extensive material on industrial enterprises in the region is presented in a contemporary collection.

The Nature Hall is dedicated to the area’s natural world. There are collections of sculptures of animals and birds.

Based on the museum’s info from various sources.