Local history museum “Peoples friendship”

Location: Baltasinsky district, the village of Tsip’ya, Local history museum “Peoples friendship”

The museum was founded on May 9, 1965. In 1982 the museum was transformed into “Tsipyinsky Museum of Local Lore Friendship of Peoples” consisting of nine exposition and exhibition halls, and a storage facility. It is an affiliate of the State Joint Museum. 
The biggest part of the collection consists of palaeontology, archaeology, and natural artefacts.
there is also a lot of historical material about the Civil war and World War II, including about the Heroes of the Soviet Union, and natives of the Baltasinsky district.
The local history museum “Peoples friendship” has a remarkable collection of exhibits on the history of the region concerning the road to Siberia (Sibirskyi Trakt) which lay through this district and along which many prisoners travelled on their way to hard labour in Siberia.


For more information visit http://www.museum.ru/M2668