Local history museum of Aksubaevsky district

Location: Aksubaevsky district, Aksubaevo, Local history museum of Aksubaevsky district

The museum was founded in 1987 and has more than 2500 exhibits. The museum contains household, numismatics, archaeology items, natural science collection, paintings, and sculptures. As well as documents, photos, clothes and household items of the Tatars and Chuvash. The ethnographic collection has dresses of Chuvash women of the late 19th  century, Chuvash and Tatar woven towels, and a Russian tablecloth.  The geological collection was based on finding from the Aksubaevskoe bitumen deposit. Another exposition of the local history museum of Aksubaevsky district is about the noble people of the districts – writers, scientists, Heroes of the Soviet Union, and Socialist Labor.