Jaroslav Hašek museum

Location: Jaroslav Hašek museum at Sovetskaya street, 67 in Bugulma

Jaroslav Hašek, an acclaimed and highly respected Czech satirist, was born in 1883. His incredibly clever and humorous novel “The Good Soldier Švejk” is an impeccable masterpiece which he is most renowned for. The novel depicts a series of caustic satirical short stories which expertly describe the regaling life of the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the final years of its existence. And ultimately ends as soon as the echelon with the march battalion, where Švejk serves, approaches the front line. Following Hašek’s plan, the novel’s conclusion was always meant to be the surrender of the entire battalion as prisoners to the Russians. Jaroslav Hašek is undoubtedly one of the most astounding writers and satirists of his time. His work continues to leave a lasting impression on people to this day.

Hašek in Bugulma

However, not many people are aware of the fact that he joined the Communist Party in 1918, during which he became a commissar of the Red Army. In his role as a military commandant, Hašek served as an assistant from October to December 1918 and then went on to become the commandant of the Bugulma district. His experiences during this time inspired him to write a cycle of stories titled “How I was the commandant of Bugulma”. These stories widely regarded as some of his most poignant work.

If you’re interested in exploring Hašek’s legacy, you can visit the house at Sovetskaya street, 67 in Bugulma – the military commandant’s office back then. Today, the building is home to a literary and memorial Jaroslav Hašek museum dedicated to the writer. You may also take a picture next to the monument of Hašek, which was built proudly next to the museum. Bugulma even erected a bronze statue dedicated to The Good Soldier Švejk in 2011. The statue is located on the platform of the Bugulma train station. It’s a great opportunity to delve into the fascinating history of this talented man – Jaroslav Hašek.