Chak-chak museum

Location: Kazan, Ulitsa Parizhskoy Kommuny, 18, Chak-Chak Museum

The museum is all about the wonder of Tatar cuisine – chak-chak. Come here to learn about making this delicacy.  And with a good cup of tea from a hot samovar you certainly should try other Tatar traditional dishes. If you are looking for a good souvenir which would remained you about Kazan and Tatarstan, you are at the right place. At the museum shop, you may choose out of various assortments.

It is advised to make your appointment in advance, to avoid occasional overcrowding. 

Tatar chak-chak is a sweet pastry dish with honey. It is made from premium wheat flour. Then raw eggs are added to the dough and rolled into thin short sausages or small pieces or balls are formed. After they are deep-fried and poured with honey mass. It is usually piled up on a large flat dish or tray. Small cones and heart-shaped figures are constructed from small pieces. Ready chak-chak turns out to be of golden colour, crispy and soft inside. 

If you wish to celebrate something, chak-chak is one of the most important dishes to be served at your Tatar party!