The Republic of Tatarstan museum network is one of the steadily growing tourism branches. It consists of around 70 museums, including of these, state museums and museum-reserves with many affiliates. Most of them are situated in Kazan. Many collections in the republic are founded and developed by private and/or local initiatives, but often with municipal and state support.

Museum personnel is mainly represented by professionals and scientists, as well as highly educated and idea-driven enthusiasts. Expositions of many local museums are collected by locals and are usually a part of educational programs. Due to irregular working times, it is highly advised to check the accessibility of some regional/district museum objects before visiting.

Museum collections

Most of the museums are local history museums. The local museum of local lore in Tatarstan is a museum whose object of activity is the collection of documents and artefacts, the presentation of historical, natural and cultural heritage throughout the existence of any settlement or region. The content of museum collections depends on the geographical, economic or political background. 

The collections of such museums may be related to history – archaeological artefacts, documents and pictorial materials about historical events, works of art or crafts, and typical household items. As well as memorial items associated with famous countrymen, often participants in the Great Patriotic War or the development of their native region. Also, local history museums often display materials that represent the industrial and technical development of the region, especially in the eastern part of Tatarstan. In regions densely populated by ethnic communities, collections are often dedicated to the ethnic element of the local culture.

In many cases, the local history museum is the centre of cultural life, its main attraction. Especially if the museum is located in a historically significant or thematically suitable building for this purpose.

In Tatarstan, you may find a museum on almost any theme and in at any location. There is a tendency to open new ones, so before visiting the republic check contemporary information about tourist objects and attractions.