Elabuga historical-architectural and art museum-reserve

Location: Elabuga, Elabuga historical-architectural and art museum-reserve

The museum-reserve was created in 1990 to preserve material and spiritual cultural monuments. Within its territory at the present time are monuments of history, architecture, and town planning which are under state protection, and in total there are up to 700 buildings and installations in the town and elements of architectural or other value.

About the museum-reserve complex

“Elabuga historical-architectural and art museum-reserve was included in the “List of objects of the historical and cultural heritage of the federal significance” on February 20, 1995. In 1970, Elabuga was awarded the status of “Historical Place of Russia”.

There are 184 objects of cultural heritage in the Elabuga historical-architectural and art museum-reserve protection zone, of which: 6 are of federal significance, 106 are of republican importance, and 72 are of local importance. The property complex of the museum-reserve includes 31 buildings and structures, including 12 objects of cultural heritage, 2 of which are of federal significance, 10 of which are of republican importance.

The Elabuga historical-architectural and art museum-reserve includes 16 museum and exhibition objects for tourist display:

  • Historical and archaeological complex “Devil’s settlement (Chortovo Gorodishche)”; 
  • Memorial house-museum of I.I. Shishkin; 
  • Museum-estate of N.A. Durova; 
  • Museum of County Medicine named after V.M. Bekhterev; 
  • Literary Museum of M.I. Tsvetaeva; 
  • House of memory of M.I. Tsvetaeva; 
  • Museum “Portomoinya”; 
  • Library of the Silver Age with an electronic reading room of the Presidential Library named after B.N. Eltsin; 
  • Museum of the history of the city; 
  • Museum of Memory; 
  • Museum-workshop of arts and crafts; 
  • Interactive workshops; 
  • Showroom; 
  • Museum of Contemporary Ethnoart; 
  • Museum-theater “Traktir”; 
  • Museum shop “Art Salon” with Art Cafe”. 

From the Elabuga historical-architectural and art museum-reserve’s sources