Castle of Khan Bairash

Location: Zainsky district, the Bugulma-Belebeevo upland

On Mount Lysaya (Bald Hill) has been found an epigraphic monument with characters carved on stone, relating to the epoch of the Mongol conquests. On the stone the name of a Bulgar has been carved, a defender of the motherland against the conquerors. According to the historian and chronicler of the 17th-century Khissam ed-Din, the son of Sherif ed-Din, the hill was the site of the castle of Khan Bairash whose guest in the winter of 1395-1396 was the celebrated Timur Alsak or Tamerlane. On the slopes of the hill diggings by 18th-century miners have been found: they were digging for ore for the Ishteryalovo copper melting plant.