Peter and Paul (Petropavlovskyi) cathedral

Location: Kazan, Musa Dzhalil Str. 21

The cathedral was built in 1723-1726 in memory of Peter the Great’s visit to Kazan, in place of the wooden Petrovskaya Church. The Peter and Paul cathedral is the most valuable example of Russian baroque architecture of the beginning of the 18th century. Unfortunately, the time has not preserved the names of the creators of this remarkable building. The church and bell tower are decorated as they are by a fantastic interwoven design of branches, grasses, and grapevines, and painted in bright shades. The two-tier vaulted building of the church, which rises to a height of 52 meters, is skirted by an open curved gallery, which is reached by two main porches, one from the southwest, the other – from the north. Once on the gallery, there is an opportunity to notice how well-chosen the location and architectural design of the building are. From the bell town, there is a wonderful view of the city.