Nikolo-Nizskaya church at the Nikol’skyi cathedral

Location: Kazan, Bauman Str. 5

This is a complex of churches from the beginning of the 18th to the second half of the 19th century: the Pokrovskaya church with bell tower (1703) and the Nikola Nizskaya church (1885). Before the service and especially church festivals the sound of the bells carries from here all over the surrounding area. The Pokrovskaya church and a bell tower, which were built in 1703, are valuable monuments of the Russian baroque of the early 18th century. Inside the church, there are frescoes covering the arches, tiers, and pillars and also an iconostasis in very good condition. The five-tier bell tower is building was until recently the only surviving example in the city of the glazed, scaly ceramic tiles which were widespread in Kazan in the 18th century. In 1885 in place of the Nikolskyi chapel, which had become dilapidated a new church was built onto the Pokrovskaya church from the southern side and was given the name of Nikolo-Nizskaya church.