Yuryevskaya cave

Location: 4.5 km northwest of the urban-type settlement of Kamskoe Ustye, Kamsko-Ustyinsky district, Yuryevskaya cave

The cave is a speleological system of karst origin. It is located on the right bank of the Volga river, inside the rock massif. It consists of a system of underground corridors, halls, passages and grottoes. The total length is 410 m with an average width of 12 m. The largest “gypsum” hall is 4 m high, 13 m wide and 27 m long. At the bottom of the cave, there are blind gypsum wells and bizarre remnants, calcite formations in the form of sintered crusts, stalactites, helectites, and curtains. There are “organ pipes” up to 4 m deep (height) and 0.5 m in diameter, minerals – anhydrite, aragonite, calcite, chalcedony, etc.

It is highly recommended to visit the cave with an experienced guide.