Suvar ancient settlement (gorodishche)

Location: Spassky district,  the Tatarskyi Gorodok village, Suvar ancient settlement (gorodishche)

Suvar ancient settlement is the cultural layer of one of the major towns of Volga Bulgaria recorded since the 10th century. The site of the settlement is toughly triangular in shape (the circumference is about 4.5 km in length) and surrounded by ramparts and ditches on three sides (north-eastern, south-western, and southern). The clay mixed with other materials and log dwellings, the brick palace, and also certain construction features of defensive installations has been studied by archaeological expeditions. The archaeological materials obtained and written sources prove that the period when the town was flourishing relates to the 11th-12th centuries. After the Mongol invasion Suvar went into decline and by the end of the 14th century had fallen into neglect. Also of interest are other archaeological monuments of different epochs and also the natural landscape: the Armenian colony (the 13th-14th centuries), the Greek chamber (the 14th century), the Agai Bazar site (Neolithic, the 14th-15th centuries), and Rabiga-Kul’.