Mount Lobach

Location: 1.5–2 km southeast of the urban-type settlement of Kamskoe Ustye, Kamsko-Ustyinsky district, the mount Lobach

Mount Lobach is a hill on the right bank of the Volga river opposite the mouth of the Kama river, at the point where the Volga turns sharply to the south. It is the highest point in the region – 136 m above sea level. On the steep cliffs to the Volga dolomites and limestones – the bedrocks of the Permian system are exposed. In 1937 two complete skeletons of mammoths were discovered in a ravine near Mount Lobach. 13 archaeological sites have been found here: sites of ancient people of the Paleolithic era and the 1st millennium AD. The remains of trenches from the period of the Civil War have been preserved on the mountain. 

There is a rumour that the famous artist Repin was inspired by the surroundings of Lobach before working on the painting “Barge haulers on the Volga”