Mount Lobach

Location: 1.5–2 km southeast of the urban-type settlement of Kamskoe Ustye, Kamsko-Ustyinsky district, the mount Lobach

Mount Lobach is a hill situated on the right bank of the majestic Volga river – the longest river in Europe. It towers opposite the mouth of the remarkable Kama river, where the Volga sharply curves to the south. The curve provides a picturesque view. The Lobach mount is located at 136 meters above sea level. It is the highest spot in the region. The Permian bedrocks of dolomites and limestones are visible on the cliffs of Lobach. The steep cliffs make for an impressive sight.

Mount Lobach is a beautiful mountain in the Volga highlands that offers stunning views of the Volga and Kama rivers. At the top of the mountain, there is an art installation shaped like a lighthouse that provides a great opportunity to enjoy the panoramic views. This observatory is located 100 meters above sea level and offers spectacular views of the surrounding area. Mount Lobach is also significant as it is the geographical center of the Volga.

This place has a deep ravine around it with a lot of history hidden inside. In 1937 two mammoth skeletons were found in the area. After that, archaeologists found 13 other prehistoric places that show how ancient people lived. These places date back to a long time ago, like the Paleolithic era and the 1st millennium AD. The ravine also has spots from the Russian Civil War. This shows what happened during that time. The ravine is important for learning about human history and the environment around us. People who like history or are studying it will find this place helpful.

Notably, it is rumored that the famous artist Ilya Repin was inspired by the impressive surroundings of Lobach before creating the painting "Volga Boatmen" (1870-1873).

How to get to Lobach Mount

If you are looking for a fun and exciting outdoor adventure, then Mount Lobach is definitely worth visiting. The mount can be accessed from Kazan by car in 1.5-2 hours, approximately 120 km from the city center. While the nearest settlement is Kamskoye Ustye, which is located 2.3 km away, it’s easy to reach the mountain on foot or by car on a dirt road. You can expect a half an hour walk from the settlement or a quick 5-10 minute drive. To help guide you along the way, you’ll find pointers and signs marking the path.

It is important to note that the protected territory does not allow driving or parking outside public roads. You must leave your car a couple of minutes away from Lobach mount and walk. By embarking on this journey, you’ll not only enjoy the beauty of nature but you’ll also be preserving it for future generations. So pack your bags, grab your hiking footwear, and get set for an amazing adventure!