Devil’s settlement (Chortovo Gorodishche)

Location: Elabuga, Devil’s settlement (Chortovo Gorodishche)

The Chortovo ancient settlement is a memorable place near Elabuga. It is situated on a high promontory on the right bank of the Kama river. The settlement represents the remains of a fortified settlement of one of the tribes, which lived here during the second half of the first millennium. In the eastern area (400 m²) of the site are the remains of a fortress-mosque of the Volga Bulgars (10th century) with round towers at the corners. One tower has survived. This castle had the typical architecture style of Volga-Bulgaria. The only surviving stone tower from the Bulgar town besides archaeological importance has also become a symbol of Elabuga.

The settlement was originally a clan fortification defended only by earthen ramparts. In the 9th-10th centuries, the area which they defined a wooden citadel with four towers was built – a development typical for a class society. Around it was concentrated the majority of the villages.

Coordinates: 55.74704, 52.03231