Cave group at Kamskoe Ustye

Location: 4.5 km northwest of the urban-type settlement of Kamskoe Ustye, Kamsko-Ustyinsky district, Zinoviev, Bogorodskaya and Konnodolskaya caves

The Zinoviev, Bogorodskaya and Konnodolskaya caves are a speleological system of natural and anthropogenic origin.  It includes the landscape and morphological complex with forest lands, ravine-beam systems, rocks, ledges, and so on. Inside is the mountain range of rocks of the Permian system of dolomites of the “gray stone” series with gypsum of the “lined” series. They consist of a system of underground corridors and halls. Rocks and minerals typical of this area are exposed – dolomite, clay, varieties of gypsum – massive crystalline, “Marino glass”, selenite, as well as anhydrite, chalcedony, and others. 

Suitable for excursions, but it is recommended to visit the site with an experienced guide.