Neighbouring regions

Tatarstan shares its borders with several neighbouring regions, actively influencing and contributing to the rich cultural and geographical diversity of the area. To the north, it adjoins the Kirov region, fostering connections and interactions that transcend administrative boundaries. In the northeast, the Republic of Udmurtia stands as a close neighbour, creating a dynamic interface between the two regions. Moving to the northwest, Tatarstan shares its border with the Republic of Mari El, further enhancing the mosaic of cultures and traditions in this part of Russia.

In the west, Tatarstan connects with the Republic of Chuvashia, creating a crossroads of cultural exchanges and regional influences. This proximity fosters collaboration and mutual understanding between the two republics. In the east, the Republic of Bashkortostan emerges as a significant neighbour, shaping the cultural landscape and contributing to the intricate blend of traditions found in this part of the country.

Finally, to the south, Tatarstan borders with the Samara region, Orenburg region, and Ulyanovsk region. This southern frontier creates a diverse interface with regions that bring their own unique characteristics to the collective identity of Tatarstan. The geographical interrelation of these areas influences the unique cultural diversity. And also plays a pivotal role in regional collaborations, economic ties, and the exchange of ideas.

At its core, Tatarstan’s neighbouring regions actively participate in the region’s ongoing narrative. This fact creating a mosaic of cultural diversity, historical ties, and shared experiences that collectively define the unique identity of Tatarstan within the broader context of Russia.

Tatarstan's neighbouring regions