Sabantuy – “celebration of the plough” – is one of the unique, colourful and especially popular Tatar festivals in Tatarstan and worldwide. It takes place at the beginning of summer in the villages, after the first haymaking. Firstly, at district centres and completes its progress through the republic in the towns at the end of June. Sabantuy brings together many traditional games and competitions, which have developed over the centuries: on the squares at the centre is a pole with a national embroidered cloth attached to it.

Everyone can take part in racing with the yoke carrying pails full of water, sack races, smashing pots while blindfolded, running while holding between the teeth a wooden spoon with an egg without breaking it, and tug of war competitions. Or even try their luck at clambering up a pole for a pair of embroidered shoes. Also, Tatar wrestling is very popular and, of course, horserace where the skill of the dzhigit (trick rider) is rewarded with special gifts.

Usually, the first Sabantuys are celebrated in the villages and small towns across Tatarstan, at the first weekend of June. The next weekend is the turn of bigger towns and cities like Naberezhnye Chelny, Almetyevsk, Buinsk, and many others. And then comes the time to celebrate all-republican Sabantuy in Kazan, the capital city of Tatarstan.

Sabantuy 2022 in Kazan

Sabantuy 2022 will celebrate the Tatar folk holiday on June 19 in Kazan. Festive events will be held at four city locations, the main of which will be the Birch Grove at the Mirny settlement. Residents and guests of Kazan will have a varied program with folk festivities, fun, creative master classes, a fair of handicrafts, and sports competitions.

The national holiday Sabantuy in Kazan this year will be held at four venues – on June 18 there will be races at the hippodrome, on June 19 the main program in birch groves at the villages of Mirny and Derbyshki, and a forest park near the Lake Lebyazhye.

On Saturday, June 18 horse races will take place at the Kazan Hippodrome. The program includes 14 races, a concert, and a lottery. The culmination of the holiday will be a bright pyrotechnic show.

On June 19 the main festivities will unfold at three sites: in the villages of Mirny and Derbyshki, in the forested area of the Lake Lebyazhye. For all guests, there will be opened rural farmsteads with products from the municipal districts of Tatarstan. Kazan citizens will be able to compete in tug-of-war, breaking pots, running in sacks, pillow wrestling, and national wrestling.

On the central Maidan (Squire) at the village of Mirny, dance and vocal groups of the republic will take part in a theatrical prologue. Artistic groups of Arsky, Alekseevsky, Buinsky, Vysokogorsky, Zelenodolsky, Kukmorsky, Zainsky, Laishevsky, Mendeleevsky, Nurlatsky and Rybno-Slobodsky districts, as well as Tatar pop stars – Zainab Farkhetdinova, Zufar Bilalov, Landysh Nigmatzhanova, Zinira and Rizat Ramazanova will perform. The theme of the prologue will be devoted to the ancient Tatar custom – gatherings “aulak oi”. In addition, the guests of the festival will be told about the history of the KAMAZ-master team – the winners of many rally races.

At the same time, the celebration of Sabantuy will begin at the village of Derbyshki and in the forest park near Lake Lebyazhye. Rural farmsteads from Baltasinsky, Sabinsky, Apastovsky, Verkhneuslonsky, Novosheshminsky, Chistopolsky, and Kamsko-Ustyinsky regions of the republic will work. Folk festivals are performed by artists in national costumes. The stars of the concert program at Derbyshki will be Rishat Tukhvatullin and Elmira Kalimullina.

Numerous interactive platforms, catering areas, trade, and attractions will be deployed at all sites. Traditionally, they organize competitions in lifting weights, city sports, and competitions.

Sabantuy 2022 program:

Kazan Hippodrome

June 18 at 16:30 – horse racing.

Birch Grove in the village of Mirny

June 19 at 9:30 – the opening of farmsteads; 

June 19 at 10:00 – concert program;

June 19 at 11:00 – theatrical prologue, a concert of Tatar pop stars. 

The site will be open until approximately 16:00 when the absolute winner is determined.

Birch Grove in the village of Derbyshki

June 19 at 9:00 – the opening of farmsteads;
June 19 at 10:00 – concert program; June 19 at 11:00 – national sports competitions;
June 19 at 12:00 – “Water Sabantuy”, an entertainment program on Lake Komsomolskoye. 

The site will be open until approximately 16:00 until the absolute winner is determined. You can download the detailed program from the link.

Lake Swan

June 19 at 9:00 – the opening of farmsteads;

June 19 at 10:00 – concert program.
The site will be open until approximately 16:00 when the absolute winner is determined.


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