Surem Uzho

Surem Uzho is a truly fascinating holiday that takes place on May 6th every year. Its purpose is to expel any negative energy from a village and protect the community from evil throughout the upcoming pasture period. The village traditionally hosts the ceremony on its outskirts, and it is a night-long series of events that brings the community together.

During Surem Uzho participants often jump over a fire to symbolize self-purification before heading into the village to make noise and ring bells. This action is thought to drive away evil spirits and protect the households from negative energies. Every home in the village is visited, and each family treats the participants with traditional snacks such as bread, potatoes, and eggs.

After visiting all the houses, the celebrators return to the outskirts, where they ignite another fire and cook special refreshments in pots. It is customary to offer part of the food as a sacrifice while burying the rest. This act of giving back to the earth fosters goodwill and brings the community closer together. The celebration continues until the next morning when the community has successfully expelled any evil spirits and made their village protected for the pasture period.