In the middle of October people in Chuvashia observe the traditional ritual of Pukrav (Пукрав) – “pukrav ǎshshi hupni” – retaining the Pokrovsky warmth. This is an important day as it marks the beginning of winter frosts and the closing of vents in the walls. During the ceremony, a prayer is read over the moss that is prepared for plugging. The prayer is intended to keep people warm even during the cold winter months. The moss is then commanded to keep the warmth inside.

To celebrate this occasion, housewives bake delicious cabbage pies and close the edges of the pies while saying, “I am closing the Pokrovsky warmth”. It is a way of symbolically sealing in the warmth of the home. People also cover their windows and plug any cracks for better insulation.

Attending church is also an essential part of this celebration, where people offer their prayers and pay their respects. So, this day is a perfect blend of traditional rituals, culinary delights, and spiritual reflection.