Cultural tourism in Tatarstan

We are glad to welcome you to our site which is dedicated to cultural tourism in Tatarstan. Here you can find various information about the republic which might help tourists as well as people interested in culture of Tatarstan. We would like to tell you not only about famous places and sights but also other yet less popular but not less interesting places of the area.

The Republic of Tatarstan has a great potential for tourism. There are rich natural resources – national parks and deep forests, diversity of landscape, big flat rivers as the Volga, Kama, Agidel, small mountain rivers in Ural part of republic, natural and artificial lakes, seasonally stable weather: cold, dry winter and warm, soft summer.

Also Tatarstan due to unique geographical location has rich cultural resources which are represented by ancient culture and history and its monuments, monuments of architecture and archaeological digs, diversity of ethnical minorities, and combination of Muslim and Orthodox Christian cultures. Local people are very friendly and open to communication, especially in the rural areas where the majority of the historical monuments of Tatarstan’s ancient culture are situated.

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