• Zelenodolsk and its sights and attractions

    The town is situated on the left bank on the Volga river, 38 km from Kazan. The population is about 101,000 people. The town is the centre of Zelenodolsky district. It is one of the greenest towns in the Volga region. The environs of the town include a recreational area, which because of the pure air, beautiful forests and the shores of the Volga attracts not only local people. 


    Coat of arms


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  • Zelenodolsk mosque

    Location: Zelenodolsk, Volgogradskaya Str. 48

    The mosque was built in the shape of a cross. The four-tier tower of the minaret is attached to the south side. The interior is decorated with moulding and carving. The mosque is a successful combination of modern design with the use of traditions of national religious architecture.