location Aznakaevsky district

location Aznakaevsky district

  • Diligent (Tyrysh) Spring

    Location: the Tyrysh village, Aznakaevsky district

    The spring flows from a height of 3 to 4 metres. People say that on moonlit night lovers climb up to this spring to make their vows. In the old days they used to throw a ring into the spring water: it was considered that in the water sanctified by the ring you could see the face of your beloved and find out his feelings for you.

    For more information visit http://svyato.info/13138-rodnik-tyrysh-u-poselka-tyrysh.html



  • Stone (Tashlyk) and Remembrance (Yadkar) springs

    Location: near to the Aktyubinskyi village, Aznakaevsky district

    There are several springs in the area, which are frequently visited by the local inhabitants. Among the most comfortable and pure is Tashlyk. Nearby in a clearing with the scent of wormwood is the Yadkar spring. The springs, the little river with the suspension bridge over it and on the shore the brazier for shashlyk, the table and pavilions make a wonderful place to relax in. From the bridge you can simply watch the trout playing in the water.