• Museum of the city history in Chistopol

    Location: Chistopol, Karl Marx Str. 8

    The Museum of the city history (or the Museum of Local Lore) was founded in Chistopol in 1921 by A.C. Bulich, a well-known naturalist and archaeologist. His private collection numbered over 5000 items.

    Since 8 April 1928 the museum was housed in the former private residence of A.A. Poduruev, a merchant from Kazan. In 1987 after the reconstruction and organization of the new exhibition the museum acquired his present name - the Museum of a Provincial city, or Museum of the city history.

    Now there are over 30000 items in the museum collections. Among them there are such rarities as wooden bicycles made by N.I. Melnikov, a peasant from the village named Chistopolskye Vyselky according to his own project in the early XXth century (1902 and 1909); the old-printed books, pictures and icons. The Bulgarian collection discovered in the seat of the ancient town named Gucke-Tau (Dzhuke-Tau, editor) is a subject of special pride of the museum. Among them the Bulgarian silver coins of the XI-XIIth centuries, old jewelry, mirror's fragments and sherocones. The ethnographic department of the museum also has the items of great interest including the handicraft wares of the nations of the Central Volga region - Tatars, Russians, Chuvashs are of special value. There is a unique collection of handicraft wares of the Kazan Tatars including the examples of gold embroidery, mosaic leathern shoes, wearing and embroidered clothes as details of the traditional interior. In 1986 a unique collection of the graceful articles made of wood belonged to D.P. Dobrovolsky was joined to the museum treasures. People admire them up to nowadays.

    The collections of the Museum of a Provincial City in Chistopol extensively presenting the natural and cultural heritage of the land always attract attention both of inhabitants and visitors of the city.

    (Source: "Museum of the Provincial City" brochure)


    For more information visit http://chisto-muzei.ru/



  • Local history museum of Alkeevskyi district, n.a. S.M. Lysenkov

    Location: Bazarnye Mataki, Alkeevskyi district,Tatarstan, Russia

    The museum was founded in 2004, and opened in 2008. The museum is located in a building built in 1814. The museum is admitted to the Association of Cosmonautics Museums of the Russian Federation.

    the museum's expositions are dedicated to the district's rich history - archaeological finds, preserved monuments of history and culture dating back to the Paleolithic. The main and biggest part of the collection is represented by items of archeology, numismatics, ethnography, natural science collection, history of technology. 


    Internet: https://alkeevskiy.tatarstan.ru/informyzei.htm



  • Local history museum in Almetyevsk

    Location: Almetyevsk, Mir street, 1 (see the location map below
    The museum was founded in 1953. In 2003 celebrated it's 50th anniversary and moved to a new building, at the current address.
    The museum expositions are representing the area's history from the Neolithic age till the present day. The collections of the museum include artifacts of the ancient time, folklore and multicultural/ethnographical elements, modern history of the oil industry region.
    Almetyevsk museum of local lore
    Almetyevsk museum of local lore
    Almetyevsk museum of local lore
    Almetyevsk museum of local lore