• Aktanyshskyi district and its sights and attractions

    The centre of the district is Aktanysh. Area - 2037,8 square km. Population - 31,7 thousand people. The district was founded in 1965. There are two piers in the district - Derbishinskyi and Azyakul, and Aktanysh airport.

    The settlement of Aktanysh is situated in the north-east of the republic, 381 km from Kazan, near to the Nizhnekamsk reservoir, 65 km to the south from the railway station Neftekamsk. Population - 6,7 thousand people.


    Coat of arms 


     Aktanyshskyi district  Aktanyshskyi district




  • Local history museum of Aktanyshskyi district

    Location: Prospekt Mira 5, Aktanysh, Aktanyshskyi district

    The museum was founded  on May 17, 1975, by local volunteers.

    The collection cocnsists of artefacts representing history of Aktanysh and the district from ancient times to nowadays. There are ten expositions of most significant items. The expositions are dedicated to nature and history of Aktanysh, famous people of the district, and other impostant aspects of development of Aktanyshskyi district.

    For more information visit https://museumakt.wordpress.com