• Alkeevskyi district and its sights and attractions

    The centre of the district is Bazarnye Mataki. Area - 1726,8 square km. Population - 22 thousand people. The district was founded in 1965.

    The settlement of Bazarnye Mataki is situated on the bank of the Aktay river (a tributary of the Volga river), 152 km to the south-east from Kazan, 72 km to the north-east from railway station Bryandino. Population – 5 thousand people.


    Coat of arms 


    Alkeevskyi district

     Alkeevskyi district



  • Local history museum of Alkeevskyi district, n.a. S.M. Lysenkov

    Location: Bazarnye Mataki, Alkeevskyi district,Tatarstan, Russia

    The museum was founded in 2004, and opened in 2008. The museum is located in a building built in 1814. The museum is admitted to the Association of Cosmonautics Museums of the Russian Federation.

    the museum's expositions are dedicated to the district's rich history - archaeological finds, preserved monuments of history and culture dating back to the Paleolithic. The main and biggest part of the collection is represented by items of archeology, numismatics, ethnography, natural science collection, history of technology. 


    Internet: https://alkeevskiy.tatarstan.ru/informyzei.htm