Yutazinsky district

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The administrative centre of the district is Urussu. Area – 759,1 square km. The district was re-founded in 1991. There are few railway stations in the district. The settlement of Urussu is situated in the southeast of the republic, on the left bank of the river Ik. There is a railway station. The district borders with Bashkortostan.

Yutazinsky district, established in 1935 and later renamed Urussky in 1958. It was reinstated in 1991 under its current name. Nestled in the southeast of the republic, the district is both the youngest and smallest district in Tatarstan.

Industrial Vibrancy: Urussky Industrial Park and Tapart Experimental Machine-Building Plant

At the heart of Yutazinsky district lies the Urussky Industrial Park, a thriving hub of industrial activity. The district also hosts the Tapart Experimental Machine-Building Plant, contributing to the region’s technological advancement and innovation.

Nature’s Marvel – Urdaly-Tau

Embrace the natural beauty of Yutazinsky District at Urdaly-Tau. This natural monument graces the district’s landscape, offering breathtaking views and serene surroundings.

Harmonic Resonance: Yutazinsky District Orchestra

The district resonates with cultural richness, notably through its own Yutazinsky District Orchestra. Originating in the Soviet era, this musical ensemble gained fame throughout the southeast of Tatarstan. After a twenty-year pause, the district revived the orchestra, investing nearly a million rubles in new instruments and costumes. The revitalised orchestra made its triumphant return during the celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of Yutazinsky district.

Village Charm: Alma-Ata in Yutazinsky

Step into the quaint village of Alma-Ata, founded in the 1920s within Yutazinsky district. In stark contrast to the bustling Kazakhstani metropolis, Yutazinsky’s Alma-Ata is home to fewer than a hundred residents, preserving an intimate community charm.

Historical Gem: Gubaidiya Madrasa in Bayraka

Journey into the past at the Gubaidiya Madrasa in the village of Bayraka. Erected in 1812, this historic Islamic educational institution, considered one of the significant centers in 19th-century Volga, stands as a testament to cultural heritage. Restored and transformed into a museum in 2014, it provides a glimpse into the rich history of the region.

Yutazinsky district, with its industrial prowess, natural wonders, cultural ensembles, and historical landmarks, invites travelers on a captivating journey. Whether exploring the harmonies of the district orchestra, savoring the tranquility of Urdaly-Tau, or delving into the cultural heritage of Gubaidiya Madrasa, the district unfolds a narrative of resilience, culture, and natural beauty.

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Yutazinsky district, Tatarstan
Yutazinsky district, Tatarstan

Places to see and visit: