Verkhneuslonsky district

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The administrative centre of the Verkhneuslonsky district is Verknyi Uslon. Area – 1306,5 square km. There are few piers in the district. The village of Verkhnyi Uslon is situated on the bank of the Kuibyshev reservoir, 11 km to the west of Kazan

Verkhneuslonsky district, with a rich historical legacy, has witnessed dynamic administrative changes. From its origins in the Sviyazhsk Uyezd of the Kazan Governorate to its brief amalgamation and subsequent restoration in the mid-20th century, this district stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the land.

Nature’s Sanctuary: Preserving 30,000 Hectares

The district proudly boasts a vast natural reserve covering approximately 30,000 hectares. This includes the comprehensive natural complex reserve “Sviyazhsky”. It features geological landmarks like Pechishchinsky Geological Section and Kamenny Ovrag, botanical treasures like Gorny Sosnyak, and hydrological wonders like Kuralov Springs and the Suilitsa and Swiyaga rivers.

Cultural Chronicles at Regional Museums

In the heart of Verkhneuslonsky district lies the Regional Local Lore Museum in the village of Verkhny Uslon. Established in 2001, it offers a captivating journey through the region’s history, displaying artifacts from ancient times to the present. Another gem is the Yanka Kupala Museum in Pechishi, founded in 1975, dedicated to the renowned poet’s life and work. Along with the history of the village and the mill.

Archaeological Marvels Spanning Millennia

With over 100 archaeological sites ranging from the Bronze Age to the Bulgar period, Verkhneuslonsky district is a living testament to millennia of human presence. These archaeological treasures provide a glimpse into the region’s evolution and the diverse cultures that once flourished here.

Tourist Haven: Blend of Sport, Wellness, and History

Catering to diverse interests, the district presents a tourist-recreational potential encompassing sports, wellness, and historical exploration. Notable attractions include the “Swiyazhskiye Kholmy” resort city, featuring a skiing complex and a golf club in Savino village, a shooting range complex in Medvedkovo village, the “Dolphin” paintball club in Verkhny Uslon village, an aeroclub in Kuralovo village, and the “Gazovik” sanatorium in Pustye Morkvashi settlement. Additionally, the district proudly houses several objects of historical and cultural heritage, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the region’s captivating past.

Verkhneuslonsky district beckons travelers with a unique blend of natural wonders, cultural richness, and recreational opportunities. Whether exploring archaeological sites, enjoying outdoor sports, or delving into local history, this district promises an enriching experience for all who venture into its embrace. Plan your visit today and uncover the layers of the district’s historical heritage.

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Verkhneuslonsky district
Verkhneuslonsky district, Tatarstan