Districts of Tatarstan

List of the districts

Districts of the Republic of Tatarstan consist of cities, towns, urban-type settlements, and rural settlements with surrounded territories. The district structure was many times adjusted according to economical and administrative needs, mostly due to the development of territories, and the urban transition of rural areas. 

Districts of Tatarstan and their cultural and historical diversity

The republic is situated in the centre of the European part of the Russian Federation, the most densely populated part of the country, with high ethnic, religious, and traditional interaction between cultures. Therefore the diversity makes every district of Tatarstan unique and interesting in its own way.

How to visit tourist attractions in a district

Before visiting a city or region make sure to gather all relevant information. For example, about transportation system, rules of visiting sites outside of living areas, etc. Often, interesting objects are accessible by public transport. Therefore it is essential to go through all sources possible to make a good travelling plan. And another piece of advice – talk with locals, and ask about their district.

The tourism attractions of Tatarstan are not spread evenly around the districts. They are mainly located in the cities and towns. Those in the countryside might be a part of municipal, agricultural or industrial territories. So it is always better to make an appointment with those who may assist you during a visit.