Cities and districts of Tatarstan

Cities, towns, and districts and their cultural life are one of the main cultural tourist attractions of the Republic of Tatarstan. Each of them has its own cultural and historical identity, which is a combination of historical events, cultural sites and traditions, religions, and ethnical groups.

Cultural diversity of Tatarstan

The republic is situated in the centre of the European part of the Russian Federation and is surrounded by different regions and republics. As nearer a certain city or town is to borders with those regions as higher the interaction between cultures in different aspects – ethnic, religious, traditional, etc. Those differences are easy to be noticed by visitors in the style of buildings, clothes of inhabitants, presence of religious objects and festivities, conducting local festivals, etc. Therefore the diversity makes every part of Tatarstan unique and interesting.

In this part of the site, you may read about many sights and tourist attractions according to their locations – cities and districts of the republic of Tatarstan.