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Gold embroidery in Tatarstan

Gold embroidery occupies a special place in the history of embroidery and to this day remains one of the most time-consuming and painstaking types of needlework. Craftswomen who master the techniques of gold embroidery are valued all over the world, and their work is quite expensive. Famous masters of gold embroidery and Tatarstan.

Anastasia Yusupova is also engaged in this type of needlework. Anastasia Evgenievna studied the skill of gold embroidery at the famous art school in Torzhok. “But the technique of Torzhok gold embroidery differs from that used in Tatarstan,” she emphasizes. “In Torzhok, the smooth surface and ornament are smaller, made with a forged cast seam. In our region, the golden surface is larger, it is made with a brass thread - a brass metal thread twisted into a spiral Accordingly, there are big differences in ornaments. To study the Tatar national ornament, I worked for a long time with ancient things in the storerooms of the State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan, studied typical elements of ornament according to Fuad Valeev's monograph "Ornament of Kazan Tatars".

Nadezhda Vladimirovna Mikhailova, Anastasia's mother, founded and headed the Fund of Artists of the Republic of Tatarstan in 2004. Under him, a gold embroidery workshop was opened. The masters were engaged in the creation and embroidery of the front curtain according to old sketches for the Opera and Ballet Theater n.a. M.Jalil, a curtain on the minbar, panels and large interior shamails for the Kul Sharif mosque, curtains for the stage in Tugan Avylym. A year ago, Anastasia Yusupova replaced her mother as director of the Artists' Fund. There are now 12 people in the gold embroidery workshop: professional tailors, a cutter, machine embroiderers, skullcap assemblers and hand embroiderers. But if they receive a large order, then they additionally involve other masters in the work.


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Bugulma, Tatarstan
Jaroslav Hasek in Bugulma

140 years ago, the Czech satirist Jaroslav Hasek, author of the famous novel The Good Soldier Schweik, was born.

Not everyone knows that in 1918 he joined the Communist Party and became a commissar of the Red Army. From October to December 1918, Hasek served first as an assistant to the military commandant, and then as commandant of the Bugulma district. Later, his memories of this period formed the basis of the cycle of stories "How I was the commandant of Bugulma." As Gashek wrote, “There is little space on the map for Bugulma, but there is a lot in my heart…”

In Bugulma in the house at st. Sovetskaya, 67, where the military commandant's office was located, is now the literary and memorial museum of the writer. A monument to Hasek was erected next to the museum. You can sit down and take a photo. In 2011, a bronze monument to the good soldier Schweik was opened on the platform of the Bugulma station.

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Modelling aircraft festival “On the Wings of Victory” in Elabuga

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"Silver Horseshoe" in Tatarstan - a new tourist route-analogue of the "Golden Ring" along the rivers.

Kazan philanthropist Garafutdin Khisamutdinov proposed to create a tourist route along the rivers of Tatarstan under the Silver Horseshoe brand - "Qomesh daga".

- At the Uslonsky Mountains, the Volga makes a sharp turn of 90 degrees. If you look from a bird's eye view or look at the map, you can see the shape of a horseshoe, explains Khisamutdinov.

According to him, the route he proposes, on the one hand, would be interesting and informative for tourists, and on the other hand, would allow a good rest and fun.

The route should start from Bishbalta and the Bakalda pier, which was actively used before the construction in 1957 of a new river port in Kazan. The pier had a length of 1.5-2 km. Later, it lost its original name, they began to call it "Mouth", and the Tatars sang it in songs as "Usiya".

He also spoke about the means and transport that tourists will be able to use the proposed route. So, from May to October there will be an opportunity to sail by motor ships along the river, river buses, motor boats, kayaks. In November-April - snowmobiles, sleds and hovercraft. Any vehicle is suitable throughout the year.


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