The population of the Republic of Tatarstan numbers some 3,9 million (2022), including 3 million urban and 0,9 million rural population. In Tatarstan, there are 43 districts, 22 cities and towns, 17 urban settlements, and almost 900 rural settlements. The average density is 57,28 persons per km² (2022). Tatarstan is a multi-ethnic republic made up of more than 70 ethnic groups. Two major ethnic groups are the Tatars (almost 53% of the total population) and the Russians (app. 37%). Due to some historical reasons, only one-fourth of all the Tatars living in the former USSR are residents of the Republic of Tatarstan. Large groups of the Tatars are residents of the Volga-Urals region, Siberia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, many CIS states, and Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Tatar communities can be found also in many countries in Europe, Asia, America, and Australia.