Belish holds a position of culinary prominence as a highly acclaimed Tatar dish, gracing tables with regal presence at every celebratory gathering in Tatarstan. If you find yourself intrigued and eager to unravel the secrets behind the creation of this gastronomic masterpiece, you’re in for a treat – the detailed recipe awaits your exploration.

600 g Flour
150 g Water or Milk
33 g Sugar
120g Melted Butter
80 g Eggs

Minced meat:
900 g Meat (Beef, or Goose, or Duck, or Lamb)
1500 g Potatoes
Melted Butter
Salt, Pepper to taste

Preparing Belish

Mixing Minced Meat :
Finely cut meat and potatoes into small pieces.
Mix with chopped onion, salt, and pepper for a flavorful blend.

Unleavened Dough:
Make unleavened dough and divide it into two parts.

Roll out one part into a 4-5 mm thick sheet.
Place it on a fat-greased frying pan.
Add the minced meat mixture in the center.
To cover the Belish, roll out the other dough part.
Create a small hole in the upper layer for the broth.

Bake in the oven at 1.5-2 hours until golden and cooked through.

Savor the joy of your homemade Belish, a delightful Tatar dish featuring layers of savory goodness. Enjoy the fusion of flavors as the unleavened dough wraps around a delicious minced meat mixture.
It’s not just a meal! It’s a celebration of Tatar cuisine. Relish the authentic taste of Tatarstan at your table!

Тәмле булсын! Bon appetit! Приятного аппетита!