Cultural tourism in Tatarstan

Explore Tatarstan through
its culture

Kazan Kremlin
Kazan Kremlin

Many unique places make you fall in love with the republic. Its culture and historical heritage beckon you visit Tatarstan again and again.

About the project
"Amazing Tatarstan - Cultural tourism in Tatarstan"

We are glad to welcome you to our website dedicated to cultural tourism in Tatarstan. Here you can find various information about the republic, which can be useful for both tourists and people interested in the culture of Tatarstan. We want to tell you not only about famous places and attractions, but also about other, less popular, but no less interesting places in the area. We also provide information about cultural tourism in neighbouring regions.

Our site is constantly updated with new information, and we collect relevant data for people who are planning a trip to Tatarstan and Russia. Therefore, if you want to share any interesting information about the culture, history and tourism of Tatarstan, do not hesitate to contact us – we can use your help to improve the content of the site.

We hope that your visit to the site will be interesting and useful, and you will come back again in the future.

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